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Updated in February 2020

english NKM is a surprising FREE Lao library and also the only gh in Paksé on the Mekong River – Know more about us here & Contact

france version française ici

Email Contact: nicolaskiomarie@gmail.com

Facebook (with funny pictures and Lao facts) : NKM Mekong cozy Homestay & Chambres chez l’habitant à Paksé

Mekong view NKM homestay
Morning view
nkm sunset
nkm sunset

07 Rooms and more

Price & Fare etc… here


Expertise & Activities***

Bibliothèque NKM Library

I search, I collect, I edit and share documents and knowledge about Southern Laos since 2003.

"because sharing matters"


NKM proposes surprising guided tours in and around Paksé… The « secret Paksé » nobody knows : local life, small streets, pure nature & jungle, panorama… and the very instructive « Huge Dao Morning Market » tour

Some tours need half a day, and some need one full day.

Guided Tours


Southern Laos Briefly

Adventure Map Southern Laos There are 3 main tools « needed » for Southern Laos:

The long very detailed guidebooks (bellow)

My last Southern Laos Adventure Map (printed & for sale 5€)

A « Not to Miss & Forget » simple A5 recto-verso that is a sort of extra-summurize of the guidebooks… taking about my specific & personnal recommendations, here:

Nicolas Recommendations & Not to miss in Southern Laos

  NKM Recommendations 1 & NKM Recommendations 2


Free Guidebooks

Guidebooks previously existed in French… my translations are in process. There are already 3 very detailed guidebooks now available in English bellow. I must admit that the English versions are even better than the French: clearer, sharp and incredibly detailed (one page = one small map).

My project is to edit free comprehensive guidebooks about the whole Southern Laos also in English: Lao food suggestions (partly done) ; Paksé city attractions ; Bolaven plateau loops (done!) ; Champasak loop (done) ; 4.000 islands.


Vat Phou top What to do in Champasak? (& around) – 33 pages available!!!English nkm guidebook Part 6 CHAMPASAK


Bolaven 70 What to do in the Bolaven Plateau? – 35 pages available!!!English nkm guidebook Part 3 BOLAVEN


Paksé 70 What to do in Paksé? – 19 pages – still in process, only in French for now…

Where are the secret paths in Paksé (nice walks)? – still in process but soon…

SONY DSC What to eat in Paksé & Southern Laos?

Lao Food Suggestions – 20 pages – still in process…

How to survive in a Mekong Bar? – 9 pages available!!!How to survive in a Lao Mekong Bar

samlor Bus schedule & prices (from Paksé), Flight, Private Car, Boat etc. – still in process

Bang Yor NKM & M-maps For tuk-tuk prices from & to NKM see the « old style » map in the contact page


4000 70 What to do in the 4000 islands? – 11 pages – still in process…

Laos 70 What to do in Laos in general? (where, when, how, howl long, how much) – 24 pages – still in process…


More… Free NKM maps

Where is NKM? (Address in Lao & Phone number) =>

Here we are + usueful info Here we are MAP + usueful info

Walks in our village =>

NKM Village Free Walk NKM Village Free Walk

Paksé Map (2017): « Paksé Attractions » =>

Paksé map Paksé map (2 pages A3)

Don Deng Island map (in front of Champasak) – created for La Folie Lodge =>

Don Deng Island map Don Deng Island Map

New August 2019! Don Det Island (4000 islands) – created for Swiss Contact =>

Don Det Island Map Don Det Island Map

New August 2019! Don Khone Island (4000 islands) – created for Swiss Contact =>

Don Khone Island Map Don Khone Island Map

New October 2019! Don Som Island (4000 islands) =>

Don Som Island map Don Som Island map

New October 2019! Don Khong Island (& 4000 islands) =>

4000 Islands Archipelago 4000 Islands Archipelago and Muang Khong

My last creation (printed as pocket-map ; October 2019) … a useful & beautiful pocket-map covering the whole Southern Laos and all its attractions – Map sold at NKM Mekong Homestay and « here & there » in Laos – 50.000 kip (5 euros)

The cover =>

Adventure Map Southern Laos



NKM Activities 2019-2020



photoposter hph

Paksé has incredible small streets & cute paths secret & hidden behind the ugly & busy large lanes… where 99,99% of the tourists walk desperately.

There is no sign, no street names, no understandable landmarks in Paksé… So… I have created itineraries …

Some needs to be guided (instructive and not to miss the hidden beauties) and some walks can be enjoyed by yourself.




Believe me or not, these walks are incredible: small paths, wooden house & local life, forest & jungle trails… that no one else proposes

« The beginning » of some of my itineraries can be wonderfully reached by boat…








2 or 3  days are necessary to enjoy all these walks… knowing that some can be connected one after one, but that the heavy Lao sun will be strong from 11am to 3.30pm… and that the sun goes down around 6pm all year long.

nkm gps tracks secret paksé

The huge Dao market, the view from the Golden Buddha and these secret itineraries are the essential Paksé… even if there are more attractions, a little bit further from the city itself (by motorbike or tuk-tuk or boat).








Another nkm web site – with a clearer URL: paksehomestay

Transport in SL pour site web


Fauna and Flora in Laos & Lao culture

Other precise free pdf documents about Fauna & Flora in Laos (fruits, trees, aromatic plants, snakes, fish etc.) with picture, Latin name, English name, French name, Lao name and phonetics

Fruits in Laos (71) fruits

Aromatic plants of Laos (98) plantes

Common trees in Laos (98) 01 arbres

For those who would like to go deeper and find Lao & Latin names of the Plants of Laos, here are 3 major pdf documents and 1 website:

Lao Flora Lamphay Inthakoun & Claudio O. Delang

Noms Vernaculaires des Plantes du Laos Jules Vidal

Dictionary for Agriculture Australian Government

FAO web page: Trees commonly cultivated in South-east Asia 02

Fish of the Mekong river (106) poisson

Scolopendra Le ou La ScolopendreScolopendra

Some insects and animals in Laosinsectes1

Edible insects in Laos insectes

Snakes in Laos and Thailand serpents

Lao proverbs

Lao feeling expression

Lexicon in Lao/Eng for food allergies:

English-Lao Lexicon for those who have allergies or preferences


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