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NKM Mekong Homestay & Family Dinner (Paksé, Laos)

webpage updated in February 2020

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NKM Mekong Homestay Pakse
NKM (view from the Mekong bank)
Mekong view NKM homestay
Morning view

NKM is usually talkactive and gives a lot of explanations, so if you prefer to have a quick look first, read for 2 minutes NKM bref/brief

Mail us! nicolaskiomarie@gmail.com 

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NKM is a unique comfortable homestay on the Mekong river banks of Paksé (google-map) – this is the only guesthouse on the Mekong river bank in Paksé.

Many pieces of advices for your journey in Southern Laos… and different guided tours in the unknown Paksé (the biggest market of Laos, trekking in nature & jungle, or the secret Paksé streets): discovering Paksé like no one else

NKM is also a large free library with free guidebooks, maps and documents about local fauna and flora. Here

N. is Nicolas, the main map maker for Southern Laos (pocket maps, large decorative relief maps and special demands): website with some pictures

We are about 5 to 15 minutes from the Airport or bus stations (more details at the end of this page or here « How to easily find us?« )

NKM is Nicolas, Kiao and  Mali. = nicolaskiomarie@gmail.com

Our place is not a classic place and It could be interesting to have a look at the NKM BRIEF


NKM = classy private room and bathroom, large garden, in front of the Mekong river, +several incredible walks in the village, personal welcoming, tourism advice & Lao Asian fresh cuisine (+ fusion-cuisine from time to time). NKM has free wi-fi

Lao quails (cailles) & potato criques (Ardèche, France)
Lao quails (cailles) & potato criques (Ardèche, France)




NKM Dinners more details





200.000 kip per night for 1 room for 2 persons (2 nights minimum in a raw recommended)

Why 2 nights?! – because there is a lot to do in and around Paksé (in spite of what you could have read about it elsewhere: many stunning walks)

Please, mail us in advance if possible – this mail is the best way to contact us: nicolaskiomarie@gmail.com

You can also call us : 030 976 55 70

Our Facebook account also shows many pictures and day by day funny comments or special events. It is possible to also write us from facebook.

85mm 54mm Version August 2018 recto

You can also find us on NKM booking.com but it is be cheaper for you to book by mailing us directly (fast response!).

There are only 1 room on booking… but we have 3 for now… so if you look at it on your dates-journey you may find it « closed » or « full » even if it is not.

By mail = real contact. Thanks to give your name and do not hesitate to ask questions about your trip in Southern Laos. We are here to help.


If you have already booked with (impersonal) booking.kom: mail us and cancel (no charge, no penalties), we will then write your names, your days & nights and preferences in our book.


From our guests’ experience, our family gh is usually used as a base-camp to discover the 4 main attractions in Southern Laos: Paksé attractions and its secret streets & jungle ; the Bolaven plateau ; Champasak Don Deng Island Vat Phu & the Mekong Bamboo Trail ; and the 4.000 islands riverine archipelago.

Our guests usually come for 2 nights first and then go here and there for one or more days, following our recommendations, travelling with light bags, and coming back to Paksé, as the city has a central position.

Most of our visitors use a scooter (cheap & convenient) or a private car with driver or a tuk-tuk (that we arrange). Boat cruise is a wonderful way to go or come back from Champasak (cf. specific guidebook).

Buses are easy organized with a phone call (they pick you up)… for different destinations and especially for the 4000 Islands (about 8am – 3h trip + boat to islands).

We arrange tuk-tuk & fisherman boat for short & long transfers.


Southern Laos needs a minimum of 12 days if possible. First 2 or 3 nights (to get 1 or 3 full day to discover our secret Paksé)… then use our house as a base camp… discovering Bolaven, Champasak & 4.000 islands for 1, 2 or 3 nights (each)

From 2016, our guests usually book 5 to 6 nights in total during their 12-13 days stay. See the map bellow to help you to understand me better – Southern Laos activities in one map:

Southern Laos BrieflyIn the NKM library you will find guidebooks and other free pdf documents that we have edited (fauna & flora in Laos, maps etc.)

Mail us! nicolaskiomarie@gmail.com 

Expertise & Activities


In our village there are many urban itineraries & 700m from our house there is a stunning secret panorama – forest, jungle, savanna, rice field – free & safe walks (from 1 to 4 hours). We organize guided tours to fully understand local life and the pure nature. Beautiful sceneries in & around our village:











NKM is a very comfortable « cosy » guest-house. All the rooms have a private Italian style bathroom-toilet (hot shower). There are 3 rooms, for 7 persons in total and extra-bed for kids possible – B&B, with optional family dinner.

01 Chambre 3 (3)
Mekong room (door outside)
01 Chambre 2 (1)
Garden family room
01 Chambre 1
Mekong room (door inside)




Mail us! nicolaskiomarie@gmail.com 


« What can we visit in Southern Laos & How can we go to these attractions? »

NKM (= M-maps) is also a map-maker & free guidebooks writer for Southern Laos.

Our guidebooks are mainly in French, but the English Library becomes well furnished.

Our maps are considered (by Lonely Planet and other maps lovers & users) as the best tools to know where it is nice to go, to drive, and to walk.

There are about 20 maps and special zooms for the whole South of Laos. The 20 maps are condensed in 4 pocket maps.


If you want to be welcome as friends more than customers (!)… if you want to settle in a green calm garden on the Mekong river banks… and if you want to learn more about Lao culture… NKM is the only guesthouse like that in Paksé.

Paksé downtown is unfortunately a busy large 4-ways lane. Official guidebooks about Paksé think there is nothing interesting in this town… because they only consider the centre: ugly, busy traffic, noisy, no view… but I have settle many hidden itineraries (up to 20 km! in Paksé)

Official guidebooks may change their mind when they’ll read our guidebook & look at our maps: secret walks, trekking, panoramas, jungle nearby, huge market among other surprising and genuine things.

01 4 m-maps
4 M-maps


We can be in contact with travel agencies (we are not a agency, no commission, only phone calls). Whatever your choices (private vehicle with a driver, public bus, organized tour, boat cruise, scooter rental) we help you to decide what is the best for you.

The best way to discover Southern Laos is to drive a scooter: easy, cheap and convenient

++The bus for 4.000 islands picks you up in from of the temple (150m walk)

++Bolaven Tours with agencies will also pick you up in our village

++Bus to Champasak leaves in the morning from the big Dao Heuang Market (2 km tuk-tuk drive, 20.000 kip/pers.)

++There are tuk-tuks in our village (transfer to Airport, 15 minutes 30.000 kip/pers.)

++Scooters can be rent down-town… but even the way you will reach the centre from NKM, is fantastic: I have edited different itineraries in the secret Paksé streets, and we provide you special maps. Taxi-boat is a wonderful way to start your day (only at nkm).

« Our » unknown Paksé:




PRICES & FARES (more details)

05 Prices

– 3 Rooms available –

Room for 2 persons = 200.000 kip

(i.e. = approx. 20 euros / 22 us$)

You can leave your heavy luggage safely at nkm for free while you are away for few days (even if you do not come back to sleep at us – some buses or flights leaves in the late afternoon)

One room is also for 3 pers. (double+single bed)

(+70.000 kip if 3 persons or +50.000 for kids under 12 y.o.)


Breakfast: 30.000 kip/pers.

Free for kids under 12.

Lao omelette option (sharable & suitable for two pers.): +20.000/plate

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate – as much as you want – many fruits, plenty of bread, a big toaster  (!), 4-5 home-made jams (passion fruit, pineapple & spices, watermelon, papaya, Lao figs, mango…)

Other things are possible: just tell us!

NKM breakfast
NKM classic breakfast (+ options)

 Lunch: there are many local small restaurants in the village & for your first day in Paksé, we strongly advise you to eat at the Daoheuang market

Dinner: 50 to 80.000 kip/pers. = 5-8€ (depending on the complexity of the meal), we also suggest you other authentic restaurants with great view

See our descriptions of the NKM Dinners & soon in our Lao Food Suggestions guidebook

Cheap classic dishes (sometimes only 35.000) OR Gourmet Cuisine: Fresh Mekong fish, Lao traditional cuisine, Lao family style dish, home-made desserts (ice-creams): the best « table » in Southern Laos that some guests had ever had… That’s what nearly all our guests tell us.

Khiao’s cuisine is always original, not spicy, fresh, local products and Lao!



Laundry: 15.000 kip/kg

Help in the organisation of your journey in Southern Laos… and Phone calls for bus ticket, tours with travel agency etc. FREE!

Mail us! nicolaskiomarie@gmail.com

+Very precise and handy Pocket M-Maps: 30.000 kip/map

NB: our guests can also just borrow them for few days.

+We also sell magnificent home-made decorative mapsas original souvenir – easily transportable in a backpack or luggage. Printed on strong & washable vinyl: 150.000 to 200.000 kip/map = 15-20€ (poster size or huge poster size).





Please, please, please… mail us in advance if possible: nicolaskiomarie@gmail.com

Our Facebook and phones:  030 976 55 70 (home)



8km – 15 minutes from Paksé airport (tuk-tuk: 30.000 kip/pers.) Itinerary

6km – 12 minutes from the central Chitpasong Sleeping Bus Station ; from/to Vientiane ; (tuk-tuk: 20.000 kip/pers.) Itinerary

3km – 10 minutes from the big DAO Heuang Morning Market ; from/to Champasak ; (tuk-tuk: 20.000 kip/pers.) Itinerary

2km – 5 minutes from the international Kiengkay Bus Station ; from/to Bangkok & Ubon Ratchathani ; (tuk-tuk: 10.000 kip/pers.) Itinerary

9km – 12 minutes from the Southern Bus Terminal (Km 8) ; the bus from Ubon Ratchathani sometimes stops at Kiengkay Bus Station (very close from NKM), but sometimes they « force » the passengers to stop at the Km 8 southern station ; (tuk-tuk: 30.000 kip/pers.) Itinerary

Here we are + usueful info

As you can see on the map above, there is only ONE main road following the Southern Mekong River (Eastside), this is the Paksé Golf Course ROAD also known as « the Mekong Paradise Hotel » (see landmark n°5) ROAD by expats and the « Financial School (and jail!) » ROAD by locals.

For Lao people this is the Ban Bangyor village ROAD. Everybody knows it and the temple of this village is also famous, with very active monks. The village has now 2 names (since 2010) and it is also known as Ban Nonsavang Village… but the locals still know it as Ban Bangyor Village (!)

When you are in front of Bangyor Temple (there is a huge electric pylon in from of the temple and a small market), still on the direction to the new Paksé Golf Course, walk or drive ahead only 150m.

On your right you won’t miss our red & yellow signs.

NKM sign