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Free itineraries for Paksé

March 2019


france Plusieurs jours sont nécessaires pour faire tous les parcours surprenants (marche à pieds et scooter ) que j’ai créés. Vous n’en entendrez sûrement pas parler ailleurs « home made creation » oblige : de la balade en forêt aux itinéraires dans les petites ruelles inconnues de la ville (jardins secrets, maisons sur pilotis, bord de rivière…), en passant par les trips scooter à travers les villages alentours inconnus. Nous avons des cartes-papier à disposition et il vous faudra absolument télécharger l’application gratuite « mapsme » pour que nous vous offrions nos itinéraires introuvables autrement. Plus d’explications en anglais à présent…

english Few days (3 or 4) are necessary to enjoy all these surprising 12 walks in the hidden Paksé… in MY secret Paksé.

All these itineraries are nice. Every meters of them are surprising.

I have « brainstormed » for a while to draw itineraries OUT OF any large lanes or streets with minor interest.

They are stunning all along… and even the way to reach the « starts » can be wonderful by sailing by small boat first (Itineraries 01 ; 05 ; 06)

I am nearly sure that nobody knows the Secret Paksé as I know it. I share them only with our guests.

Thanks to gps tracks (used on mapsme or equivalent off line map application for smartphone) you cannot get lost.

nkm itineraries mapsme

I have added good coffee places and authentic unknown restaurants – usually with beautiful river view (+with food suggestions for each place – dish are written in Lao, to be understood by these « wild » locals : every thing you’ll need is in the tools & paper-maps you can borrow when you are at nkm’s)





For guidebooks « Paksé is not interesting & there’s not much to do »: Give me 3 days and I will prove you that they are completely wrong.

Here are few pictures… but 100 would be needed to show what you will discover.

4 different areas…

=> 1 Westside of the Sedon River 3 walks (connectable)

=> 2 Eastside of the Sedon River 3 walks (connectable)

=> 3 The village of NKM 3 walks (connectable) + 2 forest trekking « classic » or « deep » with unknown panorama

=> 4 South of Paksé – westside of the Mekong – 1 walk, with long & high stairs & panoramic view

itinéraires en a4 colours

Reaching some walks by fishermen boat =>





Many options are possible… here are some examples:

If you book only 1 night with us, you can only walk in our village (because you will arrive a bit late) = nkm village and/or nkm trekking (Panorama sunset)

If 2 nights => day 1 = nkm village & trekking (Panorama sunset) ; day 2 = follow Option I (boat+walk : no market, or maybe the evening market) or Option II (market+walk+scooter renting => Phou Salao sunset, but not Phou Salao trekking)  ; day 3 = leaving us for Bolaven, Champasak or 4000

If 3 nights => day 1 = nkm village & trekking (Panorama sunset) ; day 2 = follow  Option I (boat+walk : no market, or maybe the evening market) ; day 3 = Option II (market+walk+scooter renting => Phou Salao sunset, but not Phou Salao trekking)

If the weather is hot (difficult to walk from 11am to 3pm) or you want to take your time, another day will be necessary… especially once you have a scooter => Phou Salao Sunset & Trekking, Colorful Catholic Graveyards, Sculptors Village (Vat Chomphet), Weaving Village of Ban Saphay & Don Kho Island…

book itineraries how2

Option I (2 pages) => Boat & Walk

book itineraries how3

book itineraries how4

Some pictures…





Option II (from the market, you’ll have to choose between walk 05 & 06) =>

book itineraries how5

Some pictures…





Phou Salao Panorama (2km) and/or Trekking (6km) =>

book itineraries how6

Some pictures…





Option III in NKM Village ; 3 different walks tat can be connected =>

book itineraries how7

Some pictures…





Option IV NKM Trekking (pure nature) : classic (6km) or deep (8km) =>

book itineraries how8

Some pictures…







hiddeN PaKsé hoMes


sticker 00 83 87355@873 ! sticker





I know 17km of incredible small streets & local life in Paksé (downtown… +20 km in my own village, with the only forest-jungle trekking available & free)

But how to share such itineraries in a town where streets have no name?!

It is also difficult to find permanent landmarks… and it is forbidden to paint private or public buildings (nothing is permanent in Laos: one paints a landmark week 1… and it has already disappeared on week 2… for many reasons)

[…] Then smartphones and map-gps-applications appeared ! (mapsme is the easiest, it is free & also works offline). Once you have download mapsme (or similar) & decide which itinerary-ies you’d like (N.B. they are all stunning!), i will tell how to download the « tracks » (very light kml documents).

I have therefore drew itineraries (kml or gpx documents) for map-applications: impossible to get lost & no need for me to paint the city or print expensive paper-maps (which I have first done in Feb 2017).

… but I also wanted to « sign » my work and to make private jokes… I have therefore edit 74 stickers (i was born in 1974) and put them all along the walks, on electric pylons… there are usually a little bit hidden: try to find them!

What kind of sticker? =>


Why this one?

=> I did not want to make an add for our homestay: the idea is more artistic ; a kind of « happening »

=> Stickers must look like the other services* stuck everywhere:

Lao writing & a phone number (* bricks, sand, rocks for sale… and even a special service that proposes to suck and unclog the tanks of full toilets… !) … so it looks like a « normal service for sale » (even if I have nothing for sale!) =>


=> I found the name « Hidden Paksé Homes » because with strange capital letters, one can understand the « hidden » author: « hiddeN PaKsé hoMes » ; and because « my » secret streets are full of special homes such as old wooden houses






=> Lao-sticker-services always have a contact phone number… What kind of fake phone number could I use?

I have found 00 83 873355@873

00 refers to the « foreign country phone code » (i.e. « non-Lao »)

The other numbers write a spiritual sentence with the following code: 8 = B ; 3 = E ; 5 = S ; 7 = L ; @ = A


=> Colours and drawings are borrowed to my mentor Lucien Boucher – the author of the famous Indochina map

+ these colours are very flashy (one can see them from a distance)

+ « yellow, red, green » = Beerlao colours (Beerlao is everywhere in Laos)… +There are also some childish jokes on my paper-maps… and one is about the patriotic local beer!






=> By enjoying the secret & hidden beauty of Paksé, you may notice some of my stickers

sticker pylon


Itineraries out of Paksé

Unknown walks in… the Bolaven, Champasak, 4000 islands…

[project still in process]

Bolaven : Dan Sixay Plateau ; Tad Lo – Tad Soung Trail ; Tad Yuang – Tad Fan Trail

Champasak : Vat Phou Gnoi Trail ; Champasak – Ban Hay Walk ; The Mekong Bamboo Trail Walk ; Don Deng Island Walk (North)

4000 islands : Don Khone Island Jungle Trail